Tips for Multiple Orgasms

The concept of multiple orgasms is different for both males and females. For women, this concept is not so entirely unfamiliar or thought to be as unreachable as previously thought for men. Now, with new research and techniques, it seems it might be possible for both men and women to experience the pleasure of an orgasm multiple times. How, you ask? Check below for some great tips on how to achieve multiple orgasms in one sitting.

  • Begin by setting the mood. Whatever it takes to get your body and mind in the right mindset and really get yourself turned on is important in keeping yourself in the mood. This could be done by lighting candles, playing certain music, burning incense, showering, or maybe some special form of stimulation.
  • Some researchers advise those who want to have multiple orgasms to experience the first orgasm through oral stimulation or with a vibrator and then move onto actual penetration once the first orgasm has passed.
  • It is also advised that actual penetration on your second attempt at orgasm (after the first) should be steadily led up to. This means, after experiencing the first orgasm, gentle stimulation should continue, but VERY gently. Continued stimulation is important as your body is already aroused. If clitoral stimulation is too much, try stimulation around other pleasure spots that are less sensitive until you feel ready. Penetration should not be involved until both people are ready.
  • Multiple orgasms for both men and women are something that both parties need to work at. It is recommended that you take turns making one or the other orgasm if special attention is required to achieve multiple orgasms.

Remember to be gentle and enjoy yourself.  This may take a little practice so if you don’t experience it the first time, it’s okay. It may take some time to work up to having multiple orgasms, especially if your body is not used to it. If at any point you are not having fun or feeling good, or if you experience irritation or pain, you should immediately stop. Although this is unlikely, especially if you are both being gentle, it is important to listen to your body and not do anything to harm yourself or others. Remember to  have a great time and bask in whatever cums… Yeah, I went there.

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