Donate to Breast Cancer Awareness When You Purchase this Vibe

EVOLVED Faith Collection

“Find A Cure”

Pink Ribbon Massage Vibe

I love everything this cute travel size vibrator stands for!

As a huge supporter for breast cancer awareness, I immediately jumped to purchase this vibe when I found out a portion of the proceeds goes to help support, spread awareness and find a cure for breast cancer.

With EVOLVED Novelties and their collaboration with the Save the Ta-tas Foundation, they hope to help inspire women to support those who have experienced breast cancer in their lifetime and overcoming the hardships and effects of this illness.

According to many studies, side effects of cancer and chemo often leave women with extremely low sexual libido and physicians advise them to engage in bonding intimate exercises such as touching and cuddling in order to build this up again.

I feel very much that this is the perfect vibe for anyone who has ever suffered from breast cancer or who knows someone who has.

It is such an absolute statement maker about this very important issue.

Also, aside from the obvious ethical benefits, this massage vibrator is also perfect for travel, modestly sized at 4.5 inches in length and 1 inch wide, waterproof, phthalate free, latex free and body safe.

With super easy push button controls, it requires 1 AA battery and is a conveniently small size making it perfect for hassle free, pleasure filled traveling and vacation getaway fun!

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